Advantages to renting a vacation home in Puerto Vallarta

Renting a condo or villa in Puerto Vallarta to enjoy your vacation is without a doubt a great option that has more and more believers.

Until a few years ago, hotels and resorts were the main options to spend holidays in tourist areas such as Puerto Vallarta, but today the option of renting a vacation home may be the best way to spend a family vacation or with friends at an affordable price.

According to some studies of portals focused on vacation rentals, such as Airbnb, Wimdu or HomeAway, the demand for vacation rentals has been growing year after year. Thes data also shows that international tourism is betting on Puerto Vallarta increasingly.

The main advantages of renting a house during your vacation over the classic hotel establishments are the range of existing options, the price and the comfort that a house provides during for your vacation.

Price. Renting an apartment close to the beach or a family villa with a pool can mean a significant saving compared to a hotel in the height of the high season. This savings in the price can be even greater if you share it with friends or family members, or take advantage of some of the fantastic last minute rental offers. In tourist destinations such as Puerto Vallarta, you can find rental opportunities for 2-bedroom apartments at $600 USD for a week, an authentic bargain compared to many hotels.

A house for the whole family. A vacation home allows you to have bedrooms and beds for the whole family, as well as common areas such as kitchen, living room, terraces, porch, pool or barbecue. Renting a vacation home allows you to spend unforgettable days with your family, enjoying the same home and destination together. You can even find pet-friendly vacation rentals in Puerto Vallarta.

Kitchen at home. Another advantage is being able to cook at home, always open and you do not have to always eat out, budget, diet and schedule friendly. Any vacation rental house has fully equipped kitchens, and if you know something is important to your family for meal preparation, ask your host when making your reservation, most will be happy to make sure you have whatever you need.

Secured parking. Parking is a key aspect to enjoy a fantastic vacation. How many times have we been desperate in the absence of parking in tourist areas such as Puerto Vallarta? You can easily find a vacation rental with its own garage or parking space, even closed and private so you do not have to waste time looking for parking and where the car will remain safe and cared for.

Travel with less luggage. When we travel as a family, we usually fill our luggage with all kinds of junk necessary for the trip. From cribs or high chairs for children, extra clothes to avoid washing costs in the absence of a washing machine, or any bathroom utensil such as hair dryers or irons. Many vacation rentals in Puerto Vallarta offer essentials like a washing machine, hairdryer, iron, and other items that you may normally need to pack otherwise. Always ask your host when making your reservation about the amenities you might need.

Flexibility and adaptation to our needs. Thanks to the wide range of condo and villa rentals in Puerto Vallarta, you can find the perfect accommodation that best suits your needs, choosing the number of bedrooms and beds, distribution of bathrooms, distance to the beach and services, or even if you want a house with internet, alarm, security, private pool, barbecue, games room or sauna. The possibilities are endless and hosts in Puerto Vallarta will make sure you have what you need!

Live an authentic and unforgettable experience. Living for a few days in an apartment or rental house in Puerto Vallarta, near the beach, where you can enjoy many activities, allows you to spend an authentic vacation, feeling less like tourists and more like a local, enjoying pleasures such as chatting with neighbors in the area, making friends, buying in local shops, spending a great evening in the pool and terrace or walking from the house to downtown, and returning to your home each day.

These are some of the reasons why a vacation rental in Puerto Vallarta might be your best option to enjoy your holidays.

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