Puerto Vallarta Weather

Puerto Vallarta weather can vary from day to day, and even hour to hour, but a guide to the seasons can help you plan your wardrobe.

More generally, autumn, winter, and spring in Puerto Vallarta bring light winds, sun, and low humidity, with the season’s temperatures ranging between 25-30 c (77-85 f).

Summer is characterized by hot humid days and rainy evening with tropical storms, also hurricane season in the Pacific. It’s rare to have a full day that is rained-out, most rains occur in the evenings, leaving your day free to tour Puerto Vallarta and cool off at the beach.

Average daily highs in Puerto Vallarta remain the same year-round, however, the “feels-like” temperature can spike into the mid-90s with humidity in the summer months.

For travelers who are sensitive to the heat, summer may not be the best option for you. Travelers who don’t mind the heat and opportunity to cool off at the beach, the summertime offers huge discounts on hotels and vacation rentals. It can be the perfect budget season to travel with fewer crowds.

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