Puerto Vallarta Events

Popular Festivals in Puerto Vallarta

Festivities of the Virgin of Guadalupe. This is the most important festival in Puerto Vallarta. The celebration is from the 1st to the 12th of December; this is, without a doubt, the festival in which most of the population participates.

Fiestas de Mayo. Celebrated to commemorate the anniversary of the municipality and the elevation of the town to city. Generally, the festival last two weeks in which artistic, cultural, sports festivals, popular singers, exhibitions and parade of floats are presented. On May 31, in an extraordinary session of the town hall, the City Council gives recognition to people who have distinguished themselves in their work for the good of the community.

Marine Day. On the 1st of June, a ceremony is organized to honor the fallen sailors in the performance of their duty. The civil and military authorities, students of the schools and the people in general participate. Representatives of the different sectors are invited by the XII Naval Zone, in one of the ships, to lay a wreath in the middle of the bay.

Mexico Independence Day. The celebrations usually last a week in which the Queen of the Patriotic Celebrations is chosen and crowned in a popular dance, the parade of the charros is organized, the traditional Grito, sport competitions, exhibition of national arts, and ending on September 16 with the civic-military parade, floats, popular festivals, competitions and, at night, fireworks.

Día de Muertos. Día de Muertos can be experienced throughout Puerto Vallarta with altars and street parties organized each year that invites locals and tourists to come together and enjoy part of the Mexican culture. The celebrations in Puerto Vallarta are held from October 23 – November 2.

International Sailfish Tournament. In the month of November this tournament is celebrated by tradition that began in 1956 and attracts many fans of sport fishing both domestic and foreign.

Regatta Marina del Rey-Puerto Vallarta. This regatta, held every two years since 1972, attracts competitors from all over the world and the entry of the yachts into the bay is a beautiful spectacle due to the number and types of boats that participate.